Welcome beautiful soul,

My name is Patricia Wald-Hopkins. I am a wife and a mother to 3 amazing kids that are constantly teaching me to live authentically. I live an incredibly full life and I love it deeply as long as I stay tapped in to my soul desire and create time and space for my creativity to flow. This took me some time to cultivate. I used to be a type A personality and was stuck in some pretty self defeating mind traps. Through my journey of liberating my soul from the ego’s reign, I have stepped into a role of supporting other women to do the same. It is a passionate mission of mine to help women who desire to find more freedom in their creativity.  Often their busy minds keep them from accessing their deeper truth, and creative expression. 

Through my work with others I help them create space for their authentic self expression and purpose in the world.

I provide one on one mentorship, as well as beautiful group support for my clients’ sacred feminine path.

I have also lovingly created a beautiful array of transformational products:

  •  Alchemical essential oil perfumes that assist you in shifting at the cellular level with the plant allies.

  • The Infinite Self Oracle Card Deck is a lavish tool to expand your consciousness, so that you can begin to make decisions from a higher plane of consciousness rather than from a state of stress, old habits or confusion. 

  • Awaken Your Infinite Self and Liberation of a Woman’s Soul Transmission Bundles to support your transformational journey with Akashic Wisdom.

  • Inspirational collaborative book projects to take you deeper into the the magic of my work. 

I believe freedom of expression is the key to living a life of true passion and  fulfillment. You truly can create  a life that nourishes you on the levels of body, mind and soul. When you connect to the wisdom of your infinite self you can liberate your life from the inside out.

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