Welcome sacred Voices of Gaia to the Path of Light leading to the frequency of the New Earth.

If you are reading this, you are one of the Ones who volunteered to channel Divine Light to Earth from the One Source of all Light in order to awaken the Codes of Gaian Consciousness on our planet at this time with your Voice of Gaia.

As a Voice of Gaia you have a very sacred mission to speak into creation Heaven on Earth, which is The Path of Light  to living in New Earth Consciousness where life is experienced through a field of High Frequency Love.

The Voices of Gaia Project facilitates the inner work that must be done by each individual in order that the outer experience of each individual may come into resonance with the internal shifts one experiences in their perception of life as a human on this planet. To see life through the lens of high frequency love and foster harmony and peace within oneself, so that one can be a leader/ wayshower for creating heaven on earth, the new earth that is ready to awaken within oneself and bring one’s physical life into resonance with this 5D field of high frequency love.

I facilitate this transformational process for my clients that are ready to deeply enjoy life again after perhaps many struggles of trying to force change by changing the outside first.  I wish for all my clients to truly fall in love with themselves again and with their life on earth as they serve a higher calling as a Voice of Gaia, the Leaders of the New Earth consciousness.

This is not a path to follow halfheartedly for it will completely shift the way you see and experience life and once you have tapped into the Codes of Gaian Consciousness and opened your heart to the High Frequency of Love of the New Earth, you can never return to what was before without it being a conscious choice to lower your vibration.

“My work with Patricia and the Voices of Gaia has been a big part of my rediscovering of who I am. Patricia is such a treasure! Working with her I felt fully seen and understood. She held space for me, supported me, and gave me practical tools that I could use to further support and deepen into my own inner journey. Patricia truly guided me through the process, never telling me what I should do or how I should do it, but held space for me so that I could find my own answers. This gave me confidence and an understanding that the answers are truly within me.” – Keri Haskell

There are 8 Voices of Gaia New Earth Leadership Archetypes that support you to activate, align and embody your unique Voice of Gaia New Earth Leadership frequency. Each archetype has 8 superpowers/ gifts that you can activate, align to and embody within you. Each archetype serves a specific function in creating heaven on earth. You have a unique combination of these gifts in YOU that the planet needs you to lead your life with at this time in order to facilitate the shift of our consciousness to the High Love Frequency of New Earth. You can live in the 5D heart based consciousness of the New Earth and still remain vital in your human body and experience a prosperous and wealthy life where the things that matter are the things that foster making more and more space for more love.

Peace Keeper
Gate Keeper
Miracle Worker
Light Bringer 

My Story of becoming the oracular channel Voices of Gaia

My story of how I became an oracular channel called the Voices of Gaia—an oracle composed of many Voices that speak for the wisdom that is needed for these times of great change—began in 2015. At this time, I began speaking light language after being in a plant medicine ceremony. It took me a good three years before I could translate the light language codes I was speaking so quickly and passionately into written transmissions such as this, but I was able to create art and poem-like translations immediately. As a result, I became a prolific creator of digital art collages, and even created an oracle card deck, the Infinite Self Oracle.

My oracular channel name for Voices of Gaia is Aven (pronounced Awen) Teija Greener. She is a muse of Gaia sharing the many Voices of Gaia including those of saints, ascended masters, elementals, animals, plants, stones and crystals. She is a storyteller with a special mission to create an evolutionary shift in humanity to create heaven on earth through the alchemy of activation and embodiment of the 8 archetypes of the new earth leader.

My birth name is Patricia Librada Gallegos and my married name is Patricia Librada Gallegos Wald-Hopkins, which are both sacred and beautiful, and also hold a vibration that carries ancestral distortions and obligations from my own biological family origins plus those of my husband’s. These ancestral vibrations are not in true alignment with my soul essence vibrational frequency of the alignment of the stars on the day I was born. My incarnation frequency was distorted by the familial names that can only ever allow a certain aspect of my gifts to be used as an oracular channel.

My biggest challenge with being a channel has been around shame and self-doubt, which stemmed from the ancestral name lineage distortions and obligations, as well as the life experience that I created from those vibrations. When I left home after high school, I pursued degrees in biology and environmental health and toxicology. Western science became the backdrop for my life experience. It wasn’t until I was thirty-five, about seventeen years ago and when I had a midlife crisis, that I began to explore the healing arts and my intuitive skills. And then, it took me a good while to trust my intuitive skills, and even longer to trust my oracular skills. I was overly concerned that I would say something “wrong,” so I had to learn to become a clear and steady channel through much internal shadow work in the Akashic Records and with the Gene Keys, before I could hold the channel to be an oracle and have the transmissions be unfiltered by my ancestral heritage and life experiences. Note that I did not clear out all my ancestral heritage or life experiences, only those parts that distorted my ability to trust myself as a channel.

The channel name, Aven Teija Greener, is a Kabalarian-balanced name and is my ceremonial name that allows me to step fully into a vibrationally clear and steady channel for Voices of Gaia.

Avenis the green witch in resplendent communion with all life on Gaia. She cultivates a life of deep love of life on earth by creating a sustainable way of life that is in harmony with the entire ecosystem of Gaia. She is not only a Voice of Gaia she is an emissary of sacred earth. She desires to create sanctuaries for rejuvenation, healing and transformation for the transition to the new earth timeline of humanity.

Ways to Work Together

Discover your unique Voices of Gaia Archetypal New Earth Leadership blueprint and receive guidance on what steps to take to activate, align and embody your Voice of Gaia New Earth Leadership frequency through group journeys and 1:1 mentoring.

You can purchase your Voices of Gaia New Earth Leadership blueprint.

Or you can schedule a 1:1 Voices of Gaia New Earth Leadership  Alignment Activation, which includes the blueprint as a bonus.

You can also join our next 9 week Voices of Gaia New Earth Leadership Group Journey to begin to explore the Voice of Gaia New Earth Leadership Archetypes that your soul is calling you to work with at this time. This also includes the blueprint as a bonus.

You can also work with me for a 90 Day 1:1 Master Mentorship, if you feel the call to accelerate your evolutionary journey as a Voice of Gaia New Earth Leader. This master mentorship includes as bonuses the blueprint, the alignment activation and access to the group journeys.

I look forward to seeing you step fully onto this evolutionary soul path of creating heaven on earth with the unique light frequency of your sacred Voice of Gaia.

The New Earth is ready to awaken within you and become manifest in your life experience.

You can be a wayshower for others to do the same and one by one we raise the frequency of love on our planet and experience heaven on earth.

Voices of Gaia Activation, Alignment & Embodiment Mentor