9 Week Group Journey


Light Bringer
New Earth 

Akashic Wisdom
Gene Keys + Human Design & Butterfly Healing

Are you ready to activate your sacred leadership as one of the sacred Voices of Gaia on this beautiful planet?

Do you feel the call to align, activate and embody your unique Voice of Gaia to serve a higher purpose of New Earth. This is the path of a whole new embodied wealth frequency,  which has more to do with personal freedom and love than just money and material possessions.

As a Voice of Gaia you choose to carry out a very special purpose on Earth, to be a very special messenger and an advocate who speaks into creation Heaven on Earth. This is the New Earth Consciousness where you are fully anchored in your 3D body in vitality on the physical plane of Earth and at the same time fully connected to the heart-centered living experience of the 5D New Earth.

There are 8 Voices of Gaia Archetypes:

Peace Keeper
Gate Keeper
Miracle Worker
Light Bringer

We all have all 8 of these archetypes, and any of the group archetype programs will be beneficial to your evolution as a Voice of Gaia.

All of us have 3 primary archetypes and discovering, activating and aligning to these frequencies is pivotal to full embodiment of your Voice of Gaia. 

The next Voices of Gaia 9-Week Group Journey begins on October 26, 2023, for the Light Bringers of New Earth!

I am so excited to be offering this transformational journey at this time. 

As a LIGHT BRINGER you are here to share the frequency of the Light of Source through your Voice of Gaia as a New Earth Leader. The mission of the LIGHT BRINGER is to channel down the Light of Source to activate the creation codes of Gaian Consciousness that will manifest the New Earth timeline on our planet. They LIGHT BRINGER embodies the essence of light, purity, being, harmony, ascension, invincibility, divine will and synarchy. They embody the human gifts of idealism, discrimination, naturalness, equilibrium, aspiration, determination, resolve and teamwork. They transmute the shadows of obscurity, vanity, self-obsession, corruption, greed, inertia, exhaustion and interference.

Experience the power of your unique Voice of Gaia through Akashic Wisdom, Gene Keys, Human Design & Butterfly Healing and open up your evolutionary path as a Light Bringer of New Earth.

Experience the power of Akashic Wisdom, Gene Keys, Human Design & Butterfly Healing to open up your evolutionary path as a Voice of Gaia.

  • 9 – 60 minute live journeys via Zoom with me as your facilitator. Replays available.
  • Begins October 26, 2023 at 5:30 pm mountain/ 7:30pm eastern.
  • The first journey The Light Bringer of the New Earth Orientation will illuminate just what the Light Bringer of New Earth means, and what needs to be cleared from your Akashic Records to allow you to step onto this path. Begins October 26, 2023 at 5:30 pm mountain/ 7:30pm eastern.
  • Followed by 8 portals of initiation each week to activate and fully support your Voice of Gaia as a Light Bringer of the New Earth:This is an extremely powerful council of the wise ones – come sit on the high council. I am calling in men and women to join forces on this journey of evolution.

The WHITE ANGEL (Gene Key 11)

The PURIFIER (Gene Key 12)

The CHANNEL (Gene Key 10)

The COSMIC WEAVER (Gene Key 50)



The BLUE ANGEL (Gene Key 40)

The HIVE KEEPER (Gene Key 44)

Begins October 26th! Over 9 weeks we deep dive together into the mystery and gifts of these archetypes of the Light Bringer of the New Earth!

All journeys are held via Zoom every Thursday @ 5:30pm Mountain/ 7:30pm Eastern.

  • Replays available.
  • Information will be provided on crystal and essential oil allies and any other relevant tools or resources.
  • An Infinite Self Oracle reading will be given for each journey to support the process. 
  • Individual mini-alignments for those that attend live.
  • Option for deepening in a 1:1 Voices of Gaia Embodied Wealth Alignment Activation Session for additional fee.


🌀Pay in full $2222


🌀 Pay in 3 installments (3 payments of $851.77 – includes 15% interest fee)