Includes a 10 ml roller bottle filled with essential oil perfume. Accompanied by contemplation, crystal ally, and recorded activation for use in attunement to the frequency of the perfume. Great gifts for those that love divine indulgence.

Contemplation canvas prints are also available upon request at additional cost.

Featured Anointing Perfume

“Voices of Gaia” | Embodied Wealth Perfume
(10 ML Roll – On)


Essential oils of sandalwood (oil of sacred devotion), rose (oil of divine love), geranium (oil of love & trust), Siberian fir (oil of sacred space), spikenard (oil of gratitude), vetiver (oil of centering & descent), myrrh (oil of Mother Earth), palmarosa (oil of emotional growth & maturity), tagetes (oil of weat=lth & prosperity), and sweet orange (oil of joy & abundance) in alcohol base.

“Liberation” | The Ecstatic Queen Perfume
(10 ML Roll – On)


Essential oils of ylang-ylang, jasmine, neroli, rose & sandalwood in alcohol base.



Anointing Perfumes (oil base)

“Mary Magdalene” | The Voice of Freedom
(Spiritual Revolution)


She is the record holder of the ancient secrets of life. She is the embodiment of the transmission of Angelic Love brought forth through the sacred rites of the rose and the ankh. Her body is the holy vessel of the sacred mystery of the angelic realms and her human voice is the messenger of freedom and empowerment that comes from deep within your belly. The power to create the reality you are divinely designed to create through your voice. She inspires you to speak the creation codes of harmony and peace rather than the codes of entropy and discord. She will assist you to speak the light language of love in the darkest places to bring forth your spiritual revolution and assist those around you. She will teach you to love your body as a sacred temple. She is the essence of both sensual and divine LOVE incarnate. She is the sacred body of the Divine Feminine within you ready to emerge in all your relationships and creations. She is the liberator of your body, mind, and soul through the service of the collective. Thank you Mary Magdalene for your blessings. Turmeric (Oil of Health), Rose (Oil of Divine Love), Frankincense (Oil of Truth), Myrhh (Oil of the Earth), Sandalwood (Oil of Devotion) & Cacao (Oil of Sacred Sensuality). In jojoba.


“Divine Mother” | Goddess of Love
(Uncoditional Love & Peace)

Softly she speaks in tongues of light language only understood by the heart. Softly she moves closer to you and embraces you with the warmth of the sun and the steadiness of the oak tree. She is a life force. She is the Divine Mother. Rest in her arms. Take solace in her lap. She knows your every secret, heartbreak, and dream. She will always love you and be the mother you need. She lives within you. She is you. Find that palace within you that is unshaken by emotions and caustic forces. She is the tree of life unshaken by the tempest storm and she is the softness of the gentle rain. Oh, Divine Mother thank you for your blessings. Turmeric (oil of Health), Rose (oil of Divine Love), Frankincense (oil of Truth), Myrrh (oil of the Earth), Neroli (oil of the Moon) & Jasmine (oil of Crystalline Light). In jojoba or almond oil only.


“Netaya Lu” a.k.a “Lulu” | Priestess of Abundant Light

She has come to guide you into the fields of abundant, golden delight where the mana falls from heaven nourishing every cell in your body and filling you with the golden matrix of abundant life here on Earth NOW. Allow her to support you to receive the nourishment that is your birthright and fully embrace your sovereignty in service of the highest good of the whole here on Earth NOW. Your Body will dance in luscious, joyful delight under the warm healing rays of the sacred light of the golden sun. Essences of Tagetes (Marigold) (oil of the sun), Patchouli (oil of physicality), Fennel (oil of responsibility), Hyssop (oil of identity), and Neroli (oil of sacred light). In jojoba or almond oil only.


“Netaya Nu” a.k.a “Nunu” | Priestess of Earthly Riches and Resources

She is the bounteousness of the Earth. She is the deep, sensual nature of Gaia Herself and supports you to embody creativity in harmony with the whole. Align your passion and desire with a higher purpose and find a deep, cellular satisfaction with life only known to those that embrace the support of the web of life and accept their unique role in the divine play of this earthly incarnation. Embody her ecstatic majesty in your blood and bones giving you the fertility and strength to create Heaven on Earth.

Essences of Tagetes (Marigold) (oil of the sun), Patchouli (oil of physicality), Cacao (oil of sensuality), Clove (oil of healthy boundaries), and Cinnamon (oil of sexual harmony).


“Erotica” | Love Revolution

She is sensual, powerful, and full of love for your body. She is the first portal of the Love Revolution. She is Commitment to love your body. Your Body is Sacred. Your Flesh & Blood incarnated from Divine Love. Be Intoxicated by and Embody the Energies of Commitment to Your Sensual Creativity, Sexual Harmony & Unconditional Love for the healing and rejuvenation of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Love Yourself. Cacao (oil of Sacred Sensuality), Cardamom (oil of Commitment), Nutmeg (oil of Vitality), Cinnamon (oil of Sexual Harmony), Patchouli (oil of Physicality), & Rose (oil of Divine Love).


“Arden” | The Protector and Peacekeeper
(Communion. )

Arden is the warrior king of the Sacred Forest, the Heart of Gaia. He is the protector of all the sacred forests on earth and he is the peacekeeper for all beings that inhabit the surrounding lands. He is here to take a stand against all that is not in communion with the ecology of Gaia. He is an emissary of Gaia to awaken the healing of the relationship between man and earth. He is a warrior of fierce love for all that is pure of heart. His shield protects the innocent and the vulnerable. He is the presence of the Divine Masculine in these times of the Great Change that protects the pure white light within all things. Essential oil of black spruce (oil of sacredness), myrrh (oil of mother earth), frankincense (oil of truth), Rosalina (oil of the pure heart), coriander (oil of loyalty), palo santo (oil of protection), pine (oil of perfection) and galbanum (oil of awakening).


“Orchid Queen” | Enlightened Being
(Unconditional Love & Compassion. )

Be gentle with yourself as you evolve into new ways of living joyfully. Remember you are a compassionate light being in service of universal love. Your light is a powerful agent of ecstatic grace and transformation. Essences of Litsea (Oil of Grace), R. Chamomile (Oil of Spiritual Purpose), Bergamot (Oil of Self-acceptance) &Lime (Oil of Joy).


“Dragon Queen” | Sovereign Being
(Divine Presence. )

The Dragon Queen does not hide. She is Sovereignty defined. She is the Grace that ends internal Suffering through Presence. She invites you to fully embrace your power. To value your uniqueness. She invites you to walk The Golden Dragon Path and use your voice to sing the songs of the Golden Dragon that merges all lineages into the light of your Heart in service of All That Is. Sovereignty is Presence. Rose (Oil of Divine Love), Geranium (Oil of the Open Heart), Pink pepper (Oil of Unveiling), Cypress (Oil of Motion & Flow), Galbanum (Oil of Gathering Essence) & Cistus (Oil of Healing the Sacred Wound).


“Tula” | High Priestess of the Light Sanctuaries
(Sanctity, Truth, Love & Light)

Tula is the High Priestess and Ultimate Protectress of The Light Sanctuaries. Be enraptured by and entrusted to her tranquil nature. Take sanctuary within her Pure White Light and dispel all negativity in your field of existence. She will bring you to an epiphany of crystal clarity on the path of your Higher Self. Her essence creates a vortex of sacred space around you and opens your eye of omniscience to see the most loving, heart-centered choices that will create more light for the world. She turns darkness into light. Sanctity, Truth, Love & Light, Black spruce (Oil of Sacredness), Frankincense (Oil of Truth), Rose (Oil of Divine Love) & Angelica (Oil of Light).

(Divine Presence on Earth)

Stop superficially living your life. Stop swinging between being absent or constantly being hectic. Find divine relaxation in letting go of what does not serve you and embracing your Divine Design. Embody the essence of your divinity on Earth. Bring heaven to Earth in service of the collective and as an emissary for Gaia. Embrace your sacred path of leadership and liberation through your surrender to the divine will and be fully resourced by the love of the Sacred Family. Step into your roles as a co-creator of the New Earth. Rosewood (Oil of Sensitivity), Black Spruce (Oil of Sacred Space), Frankincense (Oil of Truth), Myrrh (Oil of the Earth), Blue Lotus (Oil of the Priestess Path).

“Metamorphix 2” | Alchemical Priestess 
(Love, Magic & Metamorphosis)

A little part of your ego dies each time you wake up a little more deeply from your soul’s slumber. One more veil falls to the ground in a dramatic swoop or perhaps it gently opens to the light. One more veil of secrets gone revealing the inner beauty of your soul. One more false identity is laid to rest. One more old story dissolves into the eternal night. You might feel sadness or perhaps lightness as the burden of the past is lessened and your spirit is a bit freer from the confines of the conventional walls of the human condition. Meta-morph-ix, the alchemical priestess is here to hold you lovingly through the magical process of metamorphosis. Petitgrain (oil of Ancestry), Pink pepper (oil of gentle Unmasking), Hyssop (oil of Identity) & Rose (oil of Divine Love).

“Jixa” | Ninja Fairy 

The Manifestor of Delights. Essence of vetiver, rose, and Amyris. On your skin, her alchemy is earthly rich, divinely intoxicating, and magical. Embody divine love, fairy magic, and skillful prowess into your Being with this blend. She knows precisely how to manifest the best in life. “I is for joyful, the spirit you spread. I is for impress, for impress you will. H is for Hanadu, your place of paradise. A is for able, for you surely are.” – Unknown


Anointing Perfumes (alcohol base)

“Soja Ne” | Water Goddess
(Joy, Love, & Vitality )

She is the embodiment of the sensuality of water medicine and its ability to carry sound waves at great distances as radiant life vibrations. Her frequency is one of deep rapturous love. The flesh of the body reverberates into ecstatic states that increase vitality. Call upon her to support your embodiment of a deep passion and love for your body and this human life. Play. Love. Be Joy Incarnate. Basil (Oil of Renewal), Spearmint (Oil of Confident Speech), Blue Tansy (Oil of Inspired Action), Ylang Ylang (Oil of the Inner Child).

“Iney” | Priestess of the Peacock
(Benevolent Free Spirit. )

Iney is the priestess of the peacocks. She is a benevolent, free spirit. She radiates self-assurance, joy, beauty and kindness. Her essence will open your heart to higher frequencies and support you to live from the immortal wellspring of love within your heart. She represents free will aligned with Divine Will and a higher calling to serve the collective all while experiencing deeper and deeper levels of joy as she delights in her own self-mastery in service of the greater good of all that is. Sweet orange (Oil of Joy), Patchouli (Oil of Physicality), Hyssop (Oil of Identity), Fennel (Oil of Service), Blue yarrow (Oil of Heroines) & Davana (Oil of Essence Amplification)