1:1 MENTORSHIP | 90 Day Accelerator

Embody Your Wealth Frequency

Akashic Wisdom + Gene Keys + Human Design

Are you ready to show up in your sacred feminine leadership as one of the sacred Voices of Gaia and Embody Your Wealth Frequency on this beautiful planet?

The Voices of Gaia 1:1 Mentorship 90 Day Accelerator – Embody Your Wealth Frequency is for you, if you are truly ready to align your voice of leadership with the guidance and support of Gaia, so that you can tap into Her rich, magnetic and nourishing field of resources and embody your own rich, magnetic and nourishing wealth frequency.

This mentorship is about cleaning and fully activating your wealth attractor field by clarifying your essence so that you can maximize the 3D resources available to you and bring you into the wealth frequency that is your birthright on this gorgeous planet.

Many of you may be blind to the wealth that is already within you and around you. This work clears away what keeps you from seeing with crystal clarity the world of wealth you possess right now within you and all around.

This work will lay down the framework to support you to thrive and flourish right where you are at and follow your highest timeline and evolutionary path in a nourishing, pleasurable and sustainable way. 

Gaia wants you to be resourced and to live a wealthy, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. She has the wisdom that teaches you how to slow down and luxuriate in your body and flow with the natural rhythms that create sustainable wealth and health.

Enjoy spaciousness, creative flow and consistent energy and resources right now because they are your birthright.

Your unique wealth frequency is defined by your soul desires and your divine design and its right relationship to Gaia.

This mentorship will support you to articulate your soul desires, activate your aligned Voice of Gaia utilizing your divine design, and begin to lead your life in alignment with Gaia’s guidance and wisdom, which will allow you to fully embody your unique wealth frequency and materialize the life your soul truly desires to feel fulfilled in this lifetime. 

Are you ready to surrender to Her higher wisdom in all aspects of leading life on this planet and especially in what you create here now in this world?

We all have gifts yet the way that we use them can either be in harmony with all that is or not. It is a serious choice point and not for the faint of heart.

Are you ready to make the decision to align your life with the deep wisdom of Her and contribute to the creation of a sustainable future for humankind?

No more hiding or waiting until you feel like it. It isn’t about just you anymore. It is about all of us.

This path takes great devotion to nurturing and cultivating your own individual essence in harmony with the whole.

It takes discipline to ensure you are being resourced from Gaia on all plains of existence and not your smaller self.

It takes a courageous, open heart to be willing to be seen and heard and felt in your authenticity and to openly share your unique essence and gifts with the world in a way that honors all.

It may have taken you many years to be ready for this, but you are here now and that is all that matters to Her.

Are you ready to cover ground at a relatively quick pace? Because this is an accelerated process to take you deep into exploration of the luminous jewel of your essence as a Voice of Gaia in 90 days!

Are you someone that is willing to invest in your highest timeline and evolutionary path knowing that you are investing in a new way of living and leading your life that will bring you more contentment, connection and sustainability because it is resourced by Gaia Herself.

Are you a revolutionary at heart ready to be a way shower for the future generations of the New Earth paradigm?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a candidate for this 1:1 accelerator mentorship.

What’s Included?

Each month you will meet with me once a week for 3 weeks followed by 1 integration week.

Each time we meet, I will work with you in your Akashic Records and with your Gene Key and Human Design profiles.

You will receive personalized recommendations for your medicine bag such as essential oils, crystals, sound healing, light language and mediations.

You will be guided through intuitive art and sacred movement practices to support your embodiment of the activations you receive in this container. In between your activations, you will have access to my support everyday via messenger.

Month 1

Root into your Wealth Frequency 

  • Week 1 – Your Unique Root Blueprint Alignment Activation 
  • Week 2 – Your Root Expansion 
  • Week 3 – Your Root Medicine Bag
  • Week 4 – Integration Week

Month 2

Receive Support from Gaia to Embody Your Wealth Frequency 

  • Week 5 – Your Unique Receive Blueprint Alignment Activation 
  • Week 6 – Your Receive Expansion 
  • Week 7 – Your Receive Medicine Bag
  • Week 8 – Integration Week

Month 3

Lead with Your Voice of Gaia and Materialize Your Wealthy Lifestyle 

  • Week 9 – Your Unique Lead Blueprint Alignment Activation 
  • Week 10 – Your Leadership Voice Expansion 
  • Week 11 – Your Leadership Voice Medicine Bag
  • Week 12 – Integration Week & Celebrating You


  • Access to my monthly Liberation of a Woman’s Soul Akashic Wisdom Circle
  • My Infinite Self Oracle Deck
  • Intuited Essential Oil Voice of Gaia Essence Perfum



For conscious leaders being called to ground the wisdom of Gaia into their everyday living.

My premium mentorship. My passion.

There are so many ways we can speak Her language. Each of us has a unique way to channel Her wisdom to teach us to be good stewards of Her resources and to learn to be truly nourished and supported by Her and to speak for Her.

Discover and embody yours. Root into Her. Receive from Her. Lead for Her.

This is a program for the woman that feels a deep longing, a calling to be a good steward of Gaia’s resources and to share their wisdom with the world through their embodied presence and aligned actions. Your voice matters during these times. If you feel called, don’t deny it.

I call myself a modern mystic because I walk in the realms of science and mystery, marrying the two to find the path to harmony and right relationship with Gaia. It begins with the embodiment of your unique essence. Then you learn how to nourish and support your essence and then you can embody your authentic leadership voice of Gaia. 

You might be a singer, a speaker, a decision maker, an activist, a mother, a teacher, an artist, a scientist, a doctor, a medicine woman etc., but you ultimately are a frequency shifter for Gaia consciousness. You know if you are. It lives in your DNA. It flows in your blood. Tune in to your sacred body which is of the earth.

Why have I chosen to walk this path and support others to do the same?

Because I have worked in the field of environmental health for over 25 years to clean up toxins in our soil, water and air. I have been a wellness professional for 14 years and support others to nourish themselves with nontoxic products and practices. I have been a spiritual advisor to leaders for 7 years guiding them to share their authentic voice in service of something greater than themselves, harmony with the earth and the cosmos. This is my passion. This is my soul path. Can’t wait to meet you here.



****All answers are held strictly confidential. If after reviewing your application I will determine if you are a good fit for this program, and an email with my calendar link will be sent to you to set up a time to connect. ***

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